Catchin’ Up….. Life on the Mt.

Ok, I know, I’ve been MIA on my blog, it’s true.  So instead of starting off with a recipe I’ll catch you up on life on the mountain. I’ve been throwing myself into my arts and crafts for the winter and I’ve come out of retirement to teach again…But instead of teaching elementary school children the 3 R’s,  I am teaching adults my love of Scherenschnitte, (the German art of paper cutting).  Here are a few pics of some of my favorite artwork. Every piece is unique and all hand cut with tiny scissors and / or a scalpel.


My Frequent Visitor


Down the Rabbit Hole


Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Elephant Love

Elephant Love

This has taken over my brain I admit. I have been doing it sporadically for about 3-4 years now but really embraced it last Fall when I was asked to design a course and teach it for the local college as an enrichment course. There’s been quite lot of preparation, purchasing of tools for students, cutting and framing of late….so, what’s the old adage, “The teacher learns the most?” Seems I’ve found a creative outlet that is a great fit since all teachers love pens, paper, scissors,  don’t you know? 😉 Confession: I’ve always been addicted to school/office supplies.   This art does feed my soul, (and my ego, LOL) since I am being asked to teach these classes by groups other than the college, and as a featured artist, my art work is being shown at the college’s conference center for the months of Feb &  March. (Yep, that’s the ego part. Hey, we all love recognition, am I  right?)

Of course in addition to my paper cutting, I’m still  making baskets, wire jewelry, pottery,  sewing, crocheting, doing calligraphy, card making, coordinating craft classes for the county, and far from last and definitely not least … Baking & Cooking on My lovely Red Stove, Clarise the Aga!!

Our 14 chickens are laying to beat the band, even in this cold, so I have a wonderful supply of farm fresh eggs to bake with! And that is my segway into saying tomorrow I’ll post Martha Washington’s Great Cake Recipe that I made for our local “31 Club” Extension & Community Assoc. (ECA), Luncheon….. dubbed Washington’s Table, in honor of Washington’s birthday this week.  Although all my friends in Louisiana right now are saying, Washington’s cake, what about King Cake?!   IT WAS MARDI GRAS, FAT TUESDAY IN NEW ORLEANS!  So to all of you I say,  we have not forgotten, in fact DH  made a quick trip there to partake in the festivities and he and I have consumed TWO delicious  King Cakes all by ourselves since last week! 😮

The rest of you all who share in the snowy white stuff we’re experiencing now, do stay warm and be safe! Yes, it’s beautiful and I love the snow, but it has been  bitterly cold up here on this mountain this week. I think the low the other night was -7°! ❄️⛄️💨 I see more snow falling now so good time to just hunker down in front of the fire.  But first I have to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my dear brother.

Now I can say nite all, go to bed Fred! 😴


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