Well, it’s the busy season up here in the Smokies. So many vacationing visitors and of course the seasonal folks are up enjoying their summer homes. Therefore activity is everywhere! I must say life in the mts of late has been so full that I am just now finding time to write. I love to take advantage of all the Appalachian arts and crafts and history the area has to offer. So since I last posted I’ve made a few baskets, learned chair caning, knitting and crocheting, (something I’ve always wanted to do since my mom and grandmother were experts), and also taken a memoir writing class. Oh yes, and we did squeeze a short trip to New Orleans in there too!

I also have to admit that my intentions.. to write a blog entry sooner… were well founded but unorganized. I’d finally make time to cook up a great recipe in between all the activity, but then forget to photograph it! And I know y’all want to see photographs, right?! So tonight I got it together …with the help of my friends that is. I told them they had to remind me to take some pics before we devoured our meal/subject matter! So thank you Dwight and Lori Ann…loyal blog followers and treasured friends, for that reminder tonight!

It’s been rainy and foggy all day and into the evening, so everyone seemed to enjoy cozying up to the warm Aga. I still can’t believe it’s mid July and we were barely hitting 60 degrees tonight! So it was a perfect night for our PIZZA THEME dinner at home in the cabin. I made the pizza dough this afternoon, giving it ample time to rise. It rose beautifully, all squishy and soft under its blanket of plastic wrap and EVOO. I also flavored the dough with lots of garlic, cheese and Italian herbs. No plain tasteless pizza crust in this house! As the dough rose in sheet trays on top of the warm Aga, I put my guests to work chopping our toppings and by the time we were finished we had quite an array of pizza topping choices. Ok, so maybe too many for just the 5 of us. But I have been known to overdo it. If a little is good then a lot is better, right? šŸ˜‰
So here’s the array of topping choices we creatively arranged on our pizzas:

Lots of toppings to choose from!

Lots of toppings to choose from!

Mozzarella, Feta, & parmesan cheeses
red sauce
Sweet Italian sausages some crumbled some chopped in slices. I did roast these first for added depth of flavor.
Turkey Pepperoni (I swear you can’t tell the difference and it’s 70% less fat! That’s a no brainer!)
Artichoke hearts
Black olives
Baby Bella mushrooms
Roasted eggplant
Yellow and orange sweet peppers
Creole tomatoes…brought all the way back to NC from Louisiana on that recent trip to New Orleans… I might add I ALWAYS bring back special fav local La foods when we make those trips to see DH’s family there.

I’ll post my dough recipe tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s our pizza night…..

Now it’s always fun to get your guests involved in hands-on meals! That’s Lorie Ann and Debbie hard at work. šŸ‘

Having a hands-on evening with friends is both casual & fun!

Having a hands-on evening with friends is both casual & fun!

Voila, hot out of the Aga! YUMM!šŸ˜‹

Voila, hot out of the Aga! YUMM!šŸ˜‹



5 thoughts on “PIZZA NIGHT!

  1. Our family loves making pizzas in our AGA…… perfect for traditional italian thin crust… cooked right on the floor of the roasting oven( just make sure there is polenta on the bottom of the oven so the pizzas don’t stick)! WOW you had ALOT of toppings… great post!

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    • Thanks Brent, you are right on about the polenta or corneal, both work well. I like to use freshly ground cornmeal from a local gristmill that we get at our Farmers Market. It’s coarsly ground vs fine so elevates the crust a bit more. TIP: For those of you wondering what we are talking about, be sure to put a sprinkling of cornmeal or polenta under your pizza crust. Makes it slide and keeps it from sticking to the cooking surface.āœ…šŸ˜‰


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